KaiCell FibersLtd - The forest gives!

Welcome to KaiCell FibersLtd a Finnish bio-refining company breaking new ground in sustainable value creation!

Tapping into the Kainuu region's extensive and currently under-utilised fibre wood resources, KaiCell Fibers intends to build a state-of-the-art sulphate pulp mill as the core component in abio-industrial park designed to accommodate downstream operators, who will add further value to the mill’s output and benefit from available synergies – such as sidestreams, utilities and energy.

The venture started at the initiative of Kainuun Liitto (The Regional Council of Kainuu) in response to concerns by forest owners and other bio-economy stakeholders that the region’s sustainable annual growth in fiber wood was not being converted into economic benefits for the area.

In order to keep the pulp mill’s wood requirement in balance with what can be sourced within the region itself – thus avoiding costly long-distance logistics – KaiCell Fibers will not aim to join the million ton league, but instead focus on total value created at the site.

To pursue this strategy to its full potential, we are LOOKING FOR PARTNERS that will fit the KaiCell Fibers formula.