Professional team

KaiCell Fibers is run by experienced team of Forest industry and bioeconomy professionals, who do have solid track record on both existing and evolving bio-product applications. They have been also run various M&A-processes globally.

Jukka Kantola, CEO

M.Sc (eng), eMBA

International experience on various management positions both Europe and Asia

Advocator for bioeconomy and sustainable forest industry applications

Mill and project management

Widely networked from existing bio-applications to emerging solutions

Martin Doktar, Director of Strategy


Extensive international pulp & paper industry experience, covering 10 countries of residence on three continents

Sales & marketing at HQ/mill level as well as front line sales office

General mill management

Mergers and acquisitions

Organisational change and development

Esko Nenola, Director of Wood Supply

Forest Engineer, M.Sc (Business Administration)

International experience in wood sourcing

Experience in entire wood value chain

Corporate restructuring

Strategic tasks

Vesa Mikkonen, Technical Director (EIA, processes)

M.Sc (Chem)

Worked as a Technology Leader in the development of renewable energy

With nearly 20 years of experience in the pulp production and production development in the Finnish forest industry

Sanna Nikola-Määttä, Administration Manager

M.Eng (Industrial Management)

Years of experience in EHSQ, development and sales

Project managing


Eero Suutari, Chairman

B.Eng and Member of Finnish National Parliament

Society relations

Jukka Kantola, Member of the Board, CEO

Eero Koskelainen, Member of the Board

Experienced industry influencer

Widely connected and recognised entrepreneur

Martin Doktar, Member of the Board, Director of Strategy